One on One Sessions with Heather

60 minute private session

Work one on one with Heather to tune into your physical body and spirit to peel back the layers of time and energy to lift any negative energy that is no longer serving you.

30 minute energy tune-up

For repeat clients only, where we continue to work through treatment to make sure you are functioning at your best.


30 Day Jump Start 

The 30 day jump start includes 2 healing one-on-one clearing appointments in person or on a call to bust through unwanted barriers and help you back on your path of happier and successful living!

90 Day Overhaul

The 90 day overhaul includes 6 one-on-one powerful clearing sessions where we work through what is blocking you from being the most successful version of yourself. You will leave with tools to help you remain true to yourself.


FAR Infrared Sauna single session:

Detoxify and rejuvenate in a relaxing sauna.  FAR infrared has been noted to help others burn fat, release toxins, relieve pain, and increase immunity.

FAR Infrared packages:

Single session $20

5 sessions $80


Disclaimer: Energy healing is not a substitute for medical care.  If medical assistance is needed, please contact your health care provider.  If you have an emergency call 911.  Information on this website is for information only.