Energetic Spring Detox

This is not your typical physical cleanse but rather a complete energetic overhaul!

By clearing out stagnant energy, you may experience profound physical healing!

Although we are in a physical world, so much of what happens in our bodies can’t be tested or explained by modern medicine. So much of how we view ourselves and our past experiences may be the root cause to some of our injuries in our physical bodies.

Many of our emotional and psychological issues, like depression, can also originate from the traumas we are storing in our digestive system.

Do you have symptoms like:

  • indigestion, intestinal issues or bloating?

  • adrenal dysfunction?

  • hip or lower back pain?

  • ob/gyn problems or urinary problems?

  • ulcers?

  • infertility?

All these can be improved or possibly resolved by cleansing these respective organs and any negative energies they are holding.

Are you experiencing:

  • trouble setting goals or achieving them?

  • being creatively stuck?

  • being easily overwhelmed by other’s energy?

  • a skewed relationship with money?

  • unhealthy relationships or co-dependencies?

  • powerlessness or anger?

Then, restoring these energy systems is for you.  

We can release heavy energy in these areas to bring back your personal power.  You will feel re-born and renewed!

We can revive your physical body, as well as your emotional and spiritual health.  

An Incredible Healing Story!

I know I felt better in general, and with the help of diet, exercise and energy healing I was able to avoid going on diabetes and high blood pressure medication. My A1C went from 8.4 to 5.4 in a matter of 4 months. That’s unheard of! My doctor wanted to run tests again because she didn’t believe it. My blood pressure went from 144/110 back to below 120/80.

Highly, highly recommend Heather! You won’t be sorry. “

             -Katherine L.


In just 4 weeks we will work together to transform you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Each week we will meet at a designated time in a Zoom meeting, as we spend time in each module.  After our first call you will be able to schedule a one on one healing session with me, in addition to the weekly group calls, to specify and energetically clear individual concerns you may have.

Module 1- Learning to Be Still

In this life-changing module you will learn how to tune into your physical body and find stillness.  By finding stillness you will be releasing the emotional pressures of everyday life and start to heal from the inside out. This module includes a powerful, intuitively guided meditation.

Module 2- Deep Cleaning of Digestive System

In this powerful module you will experience a transformative digestive healing that will peel back the protective layers of busyness, trauma, fear, etc. around your digestive system and organs so that you can allow true, long-lasting healing to happen.  In this group healing call,

your physical body starts to feel amazing which gives you a sense of freedom.

Module 3- Filling Your Cup

In this powerful class and group healing call you will discover new ways to fill your cup up so that your body, mind, and soul operates at its highest potential and you truly understand how you operate.

Module 4- Integrating the New Version of You

In this miraculous integration module, you will experience one more digestive deep clean healing to create long-lasting results.  This powerful healing will allow you to have more clarity, happiness, and joy.

My experience with Heather was incredibly powerful. The way Heather uses every part of herself to work on and through you with the Holy Spirit as her guide leaves you feeling completely exhausted but also completely loved and cared for. Heather’s environment is warm and positive and and gives you a sense of peace as soon as you enter in. I can not recommend her energy work enough.

                 -Amber N.


4 Group Calls  where will experience powerful shifts and peel back the protective layer around the digestive organs, allowing true healing to happen, then fill them back up with positive energy to create your identity in health. ($1200 Value)

1 Intuitively Guided Meditation

This powerful Meditation will allow you to get in tune with and aware of your physical body so your healing journey can begin in a new way.  ($90 Value)

1 Powerful Integration

This moving healing activation will keep your digestive organs working smoothly as you move forward after clearing stagnant energy.

1 Powerful energy one-on-one detox session with me

Identify what is going on within you with personalized healing, held in addition to the weekly group calls, so that you can find true, long-lasting healing. ($183 Value)


Powerful Routine Booklet ($20 value)

A coaching guide to help you stay on track emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This booklet is created to propel you in healing with a daily routine guide to use as we learn through each module. This includes:

  • How to start your day

  • Meditation tips

  • Tips to getting a good night’s sleep

  • 7 Bonus detox recipes

Daily Journal ($30 value)

30 guided questions and affirmations to direct your thinking and physiology toward a healthier you. Created to use alongside the intense healing course, these daily journal entries will continue your energetic detox as you heal between each group call.

Group Cacao Ceremony ($40 value)

Held with intentions set specifically for the group, we will perform the ceremony together.

You will be sent a ceremonial dose of cacao and instructions on how to prepare it prior to our group call.  



Regular price of this program is $599 and for a short period of time you can take advantage of the Early Bird Discount!


Classes start May 7!

Email Flourishintruth@gmail.com to sign up!